Watercolor One-offs!

In late 2018, I start vending local Seattle markets like the Mourning Marketo and The Punk Rock Flea Market. It had been a long time since I had done anything like this, so I wanted to create a few original … Read More

The Power of Creative Challenges

Creative Challenges

Every year during the month of October, artists from around the world participate in a drawing challenge called Inktober. Since its creation in 2009 by artist Jake Parker, the Inktober challenge has grown in popularity, with thousands of artists participating. … Read More

Animals and Nature Sketchbook

Angry Hedgehog

If you love nature, this is the sketchbook for you. I’m an avid nature lover and as expected animals and nature appear a lot in my work. Luckily, I live in the Pacific Northwest, a beautiful area with a constant … Read More

Open Wide and Finish Your Artwork

Finish Your Work

Is your art space filled with tons of unfinished work? Mine is. Finishing projects is a common problem for many creative people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set aside a drawing or painting to focus on a … Read More

Role-playing Game Art

The Witch Thumb

The witch was a character I was developing for a story several years ago. She’s a grumpy old cuss that you wouldn’t want to cross paths with, lest you get turned into a toad or develop boils. I may revisit … Read More

RJA Designs has officially launched!

Rocket Launch

Welcome to the latest version of my site! Over the years my web presence has surfaced with a variety of designs, intentions and urls. This probably speak volumns about my approach to creating art projects(not to mention my approach to … Read More