Artist Marketing

One of the reasons for pushing the timeline forward for my website launch was because of a significant life change—one that has made me question my financial future. I thought it might be a good idea to start promoting my work and taking commissions again, just in case. It turns out things will likely work out, but it couldn’t hurt to pursue a side career while the smoke clears.

Finishing Artwork

Is your art space filled with tons of unfinished work? Mine is.

Finishing projects is a common problem for many creative people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set aside a drawing or painting to focus on a shiny new idea. There are several large storage containers filled with unfinished work in my home. At times it’s a little overwhelming. What do I do with all of this stuff? I’ll save that question for a later blog post. For now I’ll focus on how to push past the unfinished artwork problem.

Zombie Drawing

Welcome to the latest version of my site! Over the years my web presence has surfaced with a variety of designs, intentions and urls. This probably speak volumns about my approach to creating art projects(not to mention my approach to life), and explains why my work is often all over the place. Maybe I have a short attention span or possibly I get overly excited about too many things. Whatever the reason, I'm glad you found my website! You'll find a large variety of content, subject matter and will likely notice constant changes happening throughout the the life of this site. I've decided to give up on perfection and embrace the chaos.