Rebooting Sketchbook After False Start

Anyone who works full-time knows the difficulty of practicing your craft on the side. I’m no different. It’s been about seven months since my last blog post, which means I’m beyond overdue. Kids, don’t do what I do.

My long-term goal is to transition from a full-time corporate job to an independent creative, be that creating art, designing for clients or doing similar work. This is why it’s so bad that I totally suck at consistency with tasks like blogging or remembering to post my artwork on social media. If you’re doing anything creative and want to make a living at it, you have to let people know what you’re doing. So, this post is mostly to help kickstart me into keeping this site up-to-date with new content and artwork. Wish me good luck!

What’s New?

October of this year, I’ll be a vendor at the Mourning Market, a dark themed event that is resurfacing after a period of hibernation. If you live in the Seattle area, I highly recommend attending if you like dark, spooky and gothic themed arts and crafts. I’m using this event to take the deep plunge into vending at various fairs and events. Another testing ground will be the weekly Fremont Sunday Market.

By summer 2019, I plan to be vending several events per year in addition to promoting my online presence. So keep tuned.

Other News

For years I’ve struggled with deciding the overall purpose of my website because I’m into so many things. Of course, I want to promote my artwork, but I also love topics like geek culture, comics, gaming, science, music and DIY ethos. With this in mind, I’ve decided to slightly change how the site is focused. While my artwork will still be a prominent feature, I’ll be dedicating some of my energy and web space to these and other topics. Watch for changes coming soon…assuming I don’t take another half-year hiatus.

Finally, if you’re reading this, you may have also poked around my website. In doing so, you may have noticed a new section labelled All Comics. While there is currently only one posted, I fully intend to start adding more comics throughout the year. Be patient with me though. I work full time and keeping up with comics on a consistent basis probably isn’t in the cards right now. We shall see how it goes.

Thanks for keeping up with my efforts!