Watercolor One-offs!

In late 2018, I start vending local Seattle markets like the Mourning Market and The Punk Rock Flea Market. It had been a long time since I had done anything like this, so I wanted to create a few original watercolors I could sell at a reasonable price. After finding some cute little frames at my local art store, I began working on 2×3 inch watercolors. Since I won’t be selling prints of these (the idea is they would be one-0ff originals), I thought it would be nice to share in my sketchbook. I’ll add more with each show because they were so popular.

This first set was created for shows in 2018

Barn Owl Watercolor Hanging Bat Watercolor Black Cat Silhouette Watercolor Crow Watercolor Human Heart Watercolor Human Skull Watercolor Watercolor Octopus 2x3 Illustration Watercolor Salamander 2x3 Illustration