The Art of RJA has officially launched!

Welcome to the latest version of my site! Over the years my web presence has surfaced with a variety of designs, intentions and urls. This probably speak volumns about my approach to creating art projects(not to mention my approach to life), and explains why my work is often all over the place. Maybe I have a short attention span or possibly I get overly excited about too many things. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you found my website! You’ll find a large variety of content, subject matter and will likely notice constant changes happening throughout the the life of this site. I’ve decided to give up on perfection and embrace the chaos.

Why create a website? Well, the obvious answer is to promote my artwork. The less obvious answers are twofold, to help motivate myself work more consistently on my artwork and to share ideas about my creative process. There is likely a slight theraputic aspect to creating a website as well.

What will you find on this site? Obviously you’ll find my artwork. Beyond that, you’ll find my writing, design, blog, multimedia projects and just about anything else I can think of. I don’t want to limit myself and what I publish, which I know many web designers would say isn’t a best practice. Well, tough, my website will be as eclectic as I am.

So welcome to the likely chaos that will be! I hope you enjoy and come back often!

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